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Your opinion please

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I'm expanding my company to the other side of the state. I've made several trips to look at buildings and the other day I went to look at one that a trucking company owned. The guy wanted to know if I wanted to purchase his 300 gallon tank and his five Piraya ranging in size from 7" to 9" for $1000.00 He said he has allot more than that in this setup and the fish.

I think I would be stupid not to take the deal if I decide to take this building. I almost feel like I'm leaning towards getting the building because of the Pirayas and tank. It's not exactly the building I'm looking for but it would work. The tank is awesome!

The 300 is built into the wall and he has no place for the fish or the time to care for them and doesn't want to take the tank out of the wall. Besides that he's leaving the state for his retirement and just doesn't want the fish. The tank has a 55 gallon wetdry and a bunch of other stuff with it. The fish are all in nice shape too. I've never kept Piraya because of the prices but I'm willing to try them out.

If I take this building, I will get this setup. I would be losing about 400 to 500 sq.ft. over other buildings I've looked at. What would you do?

BTW he also has a 12" Rhom in a 125 for sale. This is in Iowa.
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It depends if the loss of sq. ft. would mean a loss of profit from your company. I dont know what you do, but sometimes more spaces means better show and better business. If the loss in sq. ft. wouldn't affect your profit then I dont see why not. Just give the building some elbow grease and make it shine I guess. Good luck
jump on the tank for sure, if not you will regret it. As for the whole building, trust your first instincts, they sey in general your 1st instinct is right at least 90% of the time
Go for it, whould be nice
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what kind of business do you own?

those five piraya are worth half of the aquarium prices..i'll jump on that tank for sures...
Well if you are looking to get the building for the p's then do that, it is your decision, to me that sounds like a good deal and sounds about right for the price it does seem like you would rip off the poor old guy, but he quoted you the price. They are soothing creatures when you get stressed or have a long day. They are one of the better pets because they too have their own unique style. If you don't really need the extra sq feet, then get the p's and you will have fun, besides then you can become post whores like us, and you learn an awful lot about p's in a short amount of time.
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that is a good price for the fish AND tank. If you check out some of these websites, the fishes cost more than a $1000. Off topic, you said this is in Iowa right and he has a 12" rhom for $125? Do you know any about the history of the rhom, like highback, got in peru or grew it to that size, etc.?

Are you interested in the rhom because if your not, i am. My email is [email protected]
I made the call this morning and decided to go with this building and to take the 300 with the five Piraya. I would have taken the Rhom and the 125 it was in but he sold it over the weekend.

As for what my company does. We are a full service computer company. We also do some security systems. I decided to expand to a bigger market and also add other services to our business. Most people think it's crazy to expand a computer business when the tech market seems to be crumbling. HA! There are still many doors to be opened in the tech field. It's survival of the fitest.

Now I'll have the problem of moving the P's temporarily while we have the remodeling done to the building. I don't want a bunch of drywall dust getting into the tank. I think I found a lfs there that will house them while this is being done.

I can take possession of the building on the first. When I get back there I'll take some pics before I have to move the P's. I do worry about moving them but luckily the lfs is only about 8 blocks away.

This is the best monday I've had in a really long time!
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I would add a few more piraya if I could.
I currently have 7 juvenile reds that I will keep here. I've never had Piraya but they look awesome and I think when everything is back to normal with the new building, I'll be looking for a couple more Piraya to add to the 300.

These are the only Piraya I've seen in person and I have to say I wish I had purchased some in the past. I probably would have if they weren't so expensive. I almost feel guilty taking them and the setup for this price but the guy set the price. He was running short on time so I think that's why he let them go so cheap.
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Oh he sold the 12" rhom

I live in MO and would have bought him, not far drive.

Off topic, i own a small computer consulting company, i am mostly in the hardware business (computer sales, service, upgrades, POS systems, very very little security systems, etc.) are you into software such as web page design, etc.?
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IMO five piraya and a 300 gallon running setup for $1,000.00 is an absolute STEAL!

If you get it, be sure to post some pictures after the remodel and when everybody is happy and settled.
I'd go ahead and get it. You can probably even add more fish to it.
I wired the deposit so I didn't lose the deal so now it's mine! I'm a happy man.

EZlife, we don't do any web work. We do however use Authorware, Trainersoft 7, and AutoPlay Media Studio to build testing programs and catalogs for business and schools. APM is a really great program and not all that spendy for what it does. You can download a fully fuctional 30 trial at Indigorose if you want to play around with it.

This is one of the areas of business we are expanding. Hardware sales are still doing okay but the profit margine is getting slim. I'm fortunate to have some pretty good people working for me!
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Where are you in Iowa? I live in Wisconsin now but I'm from Iowa and get back there occasionally to visit family, pheasant hunting, etc. I would like to come see those fish sometime depending on where you are.
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