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I have taken the reluctant step of swapping my piranha's tanks.

Thing is, my rhom is acting a little stressed out in the 38 gallon tank and I believe its down to two things, the light maybe a little bright although I do have alot of plants blocking it, also and I believe as a consequence of the first my rhom can actually see his reflection or maybe see something from the right side of the tank; he spends alot of time with his mouth against the glass and on occasion propells himself as if trying to get through the glass.

My 78 Gallon tank, in which i have recently introduced my reds has blacked out rear, left and right sides. Although I have enjoyed seeing my reds swim freely in this tank the past few days, I believe the benefit of the blacked out glass out-weighs their current upgrade. The blacked out 78 gallon tank also features dimmer lighting, blackwater extract and a lower Ph level.
Can you guys please offer your advice and experience in similar situations. Thankyou Andrew.
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