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yellow or gold oscar... information?

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does anybody have any solid information and pictures of a yellow or gold oscar. its nearly impossible to find even a reference to anything other than the common color oscars. all i know after weeks of hunting and talking to lfs owners is that gold (i think) is unbelievably rare and yellow is a little bit more common than gold (by more common i mean still impossible to find). i have found some references to them and, if i remember correctly the yellow oscar variety was a cross breed that was created some years ago in california and because of the low demand is near impossible to find. i know i visited the shark aquarium a week or so ago and they had 2 oscars labeled as gold oscars and they were very differently colored from mine - i was still very surprised they even had them and whoever it was that was working didnt really have any information on them. my oscar looks slightly like black oscar mix with something without any pattern except for a color gradient from black to yellow from back to front when he is in bright lights and feeling good. he is mostly dark with a tinge of yellow and only his dorsal fins show his yellow colors brightly. when the lights are out or he is stressed he turns a stunning gold/yellowish color all over with only the tips of his rear fins still remaining relatively dark. im currently in the market to sell him and really want to have some background and a good price range. anybody with any helpful information would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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dude youre wrong i was almost convinced but i took it to a lfs called ocean aquarium in pleasantville,nj and the owner told me it definately wasnt a red oscar and he had never heard of yellow or gold oscars before and mine was some sort of cross breed. hes borderline not juv anymore either hes approaching 7.5"+ and still displays this coloration if not even more so... and besides that i want more information about this fish type not whether or not i own one. if you have information on a yellow or gold oscar then id be happy to hear it..
That oscar is a red

Since I didn't see pics -
Yellow oscars look like this

(not a pic I took,just one someone sent me)

Yellow - as far as I've heard are golds breed with "albinos" -

Golds look like a bronzeish colored red - with a yellow pattern
Jeff Rapps has a pic of Golds on his site here

Golds been around for a long time

so youre telling me theoretically that an oscar that is all green with a little red is a RED oscar just some mutation
No a reds just a color mutation of a green

This one used to look almost like the one this threads about until it grew and got color
red /orange

THis is an Orange oscar.
Nice one too
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