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yellow or gold oscar... information?

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does anybody have any solid information and pictures of a yellow or gold oscar. its nearly impossible to find even a reference to anything other than the common color oscars. all i know after weeks of hunting and talking to lfs owners is that gold (i think) is unbelievably rare and yellow is a little bit more common than gold (by more common i mean still impossible to find). i have found some references to them and, if i remember correctly the yellow oscar variety was a cross breed that was created some years ago in california and because of the low demand is near impossible to find. i know i visited the shark aquarium a week or so ago and they had 2 oscars labeled as gold oscars and they were very differently colored from mine - i was still very surprised they even had them and whoever it was that was working didnt really have any information on them. my oscar looks slightly like black oscar mix with something without any pattern except for a color gradient from black to yellow from back to front when he is in bright lights and feeling good. he is mostly dark with a tinge of yellow and only his dorsal fins show his yellow colors brightly. when the lights are out or he is stressed he turns a stunning gold/yellowish color all over with only the tips of his rear fins still remaining relatively dark. im currently in the market to sell him and really want to have some background and a good price range. anybody with any helpful information would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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jonscilz said:
ok... then this argument will be put to rest for 2 months... and when his red isnt showing by the end of february... ill post it again so we can duke it out
(assuming he isnt sold to george at the shark aquarium by then
- that is the reason this whole thing started in the first place)

i really have yet to see a picture of my fish anywhere - close in your reds pattern but never any yellow like mine is always displaying to some degree. he has his orange times which is what you love to exploit, but never EVER red in the past 4 months of ownership and the yellow is what i believe makes it unique... whether it be actually a "red" oscar or not... hes a yellow "red" oscar if thats the case... and well know soon enough i hope... in two months my friend!

Your oscar is a common Red.. Nothing special.. His coloration will NOT change..

just a common ugly brown/red... NOT orange.. MINE is orange and was born this way..

another common red oscar.

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freakgasolinefightaccident said:
is that a jaguar cichlid in that picture?
yes.. a 14-15 inch female.. around 17-18 years old.
i paid 50 bucks for her.. i had her for 2 years.. then gave her to my friend..

50-75 would be average for a jag that size.
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