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Worm Stuck In P's Butt

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HaHaHa, Pretty funny to see. Thought my largest P was giving birth or something. Took me a second to realiaze what it was. It seems that this worm has totally passed though my largest P undigested. It is a wax worm. I bought a little container of 50 at my LFS. I figured they might make good food, espeacially since I used to fish for bluegill with them. After seeing this almost totally undigested worm make it through his digestive tract I think I will throw out the rest and stick to meal worms. Kinda worried about them, but im sure they will be okay.

Sorry the pic is not very clear. Those damn spilos are always moving. HaHaHa. However what you can see here is about half of the wax worm comming out head first. The head of the little worm, along with most of the body is totally undigested.


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yup doesn't work..and care2 does suck..
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alrighty i see it now..funny
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