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YO guys!
if i had a bigger aquarium than i currently have or whatever,
wich type of fish would be best to have besides a Piranha?
like chiclids pleco's goldfish wich is best?

joey'd is da man
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On this board, you answer is going to mainly be piranhas.
But I would firstly ask what size fish you want?

*big - either big piranhas, pacus, oscars, giant gouramies, snakeheads, arawana, or large catfish.

*medium/large - either large cichlid community, large cichlid specimins, or piranhas

*medium - either cichlid community, or large community tank(gouramies, silver dollers, catfish, etc)

*small - either small community (livebearers, tetras, coridorus, etc), goldfish, or breed fish.

but obviously it is all down to what you like, for some this might be a tank full of neon tetras, or it might be an 18" pacu - it really is personal choice.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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