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why did the P die??

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This was awhile ago but its been bugging me..

We had a few reds in a 90gal tank... we feed them, then left 4 a day, my brother had put a blanket over the tank to they wouldnt freeze, the next day when we came back, the biggest one was dead, but all other Ps were in perfect condition.
Marco inspected the dead fish, there were no bites on it, the fish was perfect. but dead. and the temp of the tank was right where it was suppose to be...
he cut off the head and boiled it, then kept the jaws, he cut the fish open to see if there were eggs, it was suppose to be female, but it wasnt.

How did the lil P die?

did it suffercate?
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most likely it was new and the stress of moving killed it
a blanket can help to insulate your tank in a power cut - so your fish don't get as cold, or as cold as fast.
marco said:
damnit!!! hold up I gotta sign into my name

you had red skullz for a moment there Christina
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