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how do you filter your salt tank

  • naturally (includes skimmer only)

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  • power filters and/or wetdry's

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who runs no filtration

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just wondering how many other people let nature do the work on the saltwater tanks other than my skimmer, a bag of carbon i have no filtration on my reef tank and it has been running quite well for about 4months now i have kept the bioload fiarly low but i do have a quite a few corals and lots of clean up crew but most of my filtration comes from the live rock and macro algae i have growing
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jonscilz said:
how well does no filtration work anyways?
my levels are all perfect and my water is crystal clear so its werking quite well there are a lot of people out there that run the berlin method or a modified version of it and some have been running it for a long time without problems

i should mention that the natural form of filtration isn't suitable for fish only tanks it leans more towrds reefkeeping
interesting... im gonna read up on this to broaden my knowledge.. good topic!
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i used to have a skilter 400 for a filter and only used it for couple of weeks.
i run a sump
Fresh2salt said:
i run a sump
yes but a sump does not count as power filtration all a sump does is provide a place to hide things lol

what do u have in the sump
i myself run a saltwater reef tank with no filtration other than a skimmer i have a deep sand bed in the main tank with a bunch of live rock and coral also in the sump below i have a deep sand bed planted with calerpa and in that tank i have 2 sea horses, a couple of snails, a few hermit craps, and a brittle star just to clean up the little bit of fish waste that is produced and may float in and its been workin abosolutely fine on the sump i have lights that are on 24/7 it makes it so the ph does not change becuse ussally at night ur ph will drop when the corals and plants are not photosynthesising i use a Euro Reef skimmer i highly recomend this brand there guite exspensive but work great this tank has been set up for about 2years after the first 6months i started to eleminate the filtration
thanks for the reply these were exactly the kind of responses i was hoping for
i dont use filtration at all i do have a skimmer and a bit of fine floss just to pick out the large sh*t and thats only a wafe thin bit but i have had nothing go wrong with my tank for over a year i have never done a water change and all my levels are perfect mind you i only have 1 fish my lion but he has bee dead happy and so have my corals i have even propergated them and added home made live rock that i made myself
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