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Who eats algae

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What species has the most chance of eating thick hair algae, in the right situation?
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Siamese Algae eaters, I also had barbs that did a good job.
Thanks. I was actually sort of meaning which piranha sp. Sort of a joke :)
Lmfao, clearly I’ve been out of the loop for To long!
Totally went over my head 🤣
I read the other day of red-bellied pacus if I am correct, but I am not sure, I am still learning hehe
I’m going to drop a comment just because I have the same question. I was wondering if maybe snails could be a option.
Vegans and other type of of milemums (sp)..you could get plecco or two . buying folks is kind of frown on. Now a days
Was trying to only find piranha that eat algae, if any at all.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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