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Hello there, I've been considering a snakehead for a while, and my LFS has some awesome red snakeheads, about 8", very nice looking fish.

The thing is, they'll outgrow my current tank, and I don't want to upgrade.

Dwarf snakeheads are a very viable option, but I've not been able to find any, so if any UK guys know of where you can get some, or of a place that will ship them here, that'd be great.

I'd love to own one of these fellas.

Just out of interest, at what rate does a red snakehead grow?

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I got my bleheri from Natural World, in syston, leicester. They mailed em to me.

look for their add on aquarist classifieds. Cost me £10 a peice.

Also check out Wharf aquatics, they are in pinxton nottinghamshire, not sure they post though. Here is their stock list, i think 'Assam' are dwarf:

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dellag over at www.fishcrazy.co.uk sells them, here is her stock list

Ancistrus sp. Common Ancistrus, wild-caught, 5-6 cm
Brochis splendens Emerald Catfish, L-XL
Bunocephalus amaurus Brazilian Banjo Catfish, 7-9 cm
Chaetostomus sp. "Mato Grosso" 16-18 cm; very impressive!
Glyptoperichthys anitsitzi Snow King Pleco, 12-14 cm
Hypostomus margaritifer Sao Francisco Orange-spotted Pleco, 20 cm+
Hypostomus sp. "Scissortail" New species? Not seen these before, 15 cm+
Liasomadoras oncinus Jaguar Catfish, XL * REAL species!
Pangasius sanitwongsei Shark Catfish, 10 cm
Peckoltia sp. Clown Peckoltia, 4-5 cm
Pimelodus maculatus Spotted Pimelodus, 15 cm
Pimelodus pictus Pictus Catfish, M-L
Pseudoplatystoma corruscans Spotted Argentine Shovelnose, 13-16 cm. Rare!
Rhinelepis aspera 25 cm, nice show specimen!
Rineloricaria latirostris 12-14 cm. Body covered in spines all over!
Scleromystax (Corydoras) barbatus L-XL * Nicest Cory?
Sturisoma barbatum Royal Whiptail, XXL
Trachelyichthys decaradiatus Mottled Driftwood Catfish, M-L (5 cm) *RARE!
Trichomycterus sp. Willy-fish, 8-10 cm

L- and LDA numbers

L002 - Panaque sp. Tiger Panaque, XL
L006 - Peckoltia oligospila Leopard-spotted Peckoltia, L-XL
L007 - Leporacanthicus galaxias REAL, From Rio Tocantins in Brazil! M
L014 - Scobiancistrus aureatus Goldy Pleco, 10-12 cm
L015 - Peckoltia vittata Candy-striped Pleco, 6-8 cm
L017 - Hopliancistrus sp. Flathead Yellowspotted Pleco, 4 cm
L018 - Baryancistrus sp. Gold Nugget Pleco, 3-4 cm
L018 - Baryancistrus sp. Gold Nugget Pleco, 4-5 cm
L018 - Baryancistrus sp. Gold Nugget Pleco, 5-6 cm
L020 - Oligancistrus sp. Polkadot Pleco, 7-8 cm
L025 - Pseudacanthicus sp. Scarlet Pleco, 25 cm+ * TOP SPECIMENS!
L027 - Panaque cf. nigrolineatus Royal Panaque, Rio Xingu, 8-10 cm
L030 - Oligancistrus sp. Peppermint Pleco, 4 cm
L034 - Ancistrus ranunculus Medusa Pleco, 10-11 cm
L047 - Baryancistrus sp. Magnum Pleco, 4-6 cm
L047 - Baryancistrus sp. Magnum Pleco, 7-9 cm
L048 - Scobiancistrus cf. pariolispos False Goldy Pleco, 8-9 cm
L052 - Zonancistrus sp. Butterfly Pleco, 8-10 cm
L066 - Hypancistrus sp. King Tiger Pleco, 7-8 cm
L113 - (L234) Megalancistrus paranaus 35 cm+ * Extremely well-marked specimen!
L128 - Ancistrinae gen. sp. Blue Phantom Pleco, M
L137 - Hypostomus soniae Rusty-red Pleco, 5 cm
L191 - Panaque cf. nigrolineatus Broken-line Royal Pleco, M
L270 - Hypancistrus sp. Chocolate Zebra Pleco, 7-9 cm
L330 - Panaque cf. nigrolineatus Watermelon Pleco, XL

LDA008 - Ancistrus claro Rio Claro Ancistrus, L-XL
LDA033 - Baryancistrus sp. Snowflake Pleco, 4 cm

Tetras, Piranhas & other Characins

Exodon paradoxus Bucktooth Tetra, L
Mimagoniates microlepis Brazilian Blue Tetra, L-XL
Moenkhausia filamentosae Red-eye Tetra, L-XL

Pygocentrus cariba Cariba Piranha, 12-13 cm
Serrasalmus irritans Dwarf Piranha, 10-12 cm (close to max. size)
Serrasalmus rhombeus Black Piranha, 30 cm * JUMBO size
Serrasalmus spilopleura Speckled Piranha, 15 cm
Serrasalmus spilopleura Speckled Piranha, 18-20 cm

Erythrinus cf. erythrinus Red Wolf Fish, 8-10 cm
Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus Golden Wolf Fish, 10-12 cm

Barbs, Danios & Rasboras & other Cyprinids

Balantiocheilus melanopterus Silver Shark, 5-6 cm
Balantiocheilus melanopterus Silver Shark, 6-7 cm
Balantiocheilus melanopterus Silver Shark, 7-8 cm
Barbonymus scwanenfeldii Tinfoil Barb, M
Puntius cf. cumingii Burmese Two-spot Barb, wild-caught, ML
Puntius manipurensis Flame Red Barb, M-L
Puntius melanampyx Melon Barb, XL
Puntius sp. Odessa Barb, wild-caught! M-L

Danio sp. "Fire-Ring" Fire-Ring Danio, M
Devario acuticephala Manipur Danio, L-XL
Devario assamensis Blood-stripe Danio, XL
Devario maetaengensis Thai Tiger Danio, L

Rasbora sp. Northern Glowlight Rasbora, M *New species!
Rasbora sp. Pink Blue-line Rasbora, L-XL *New species!

Inlecypris auropurpurea Beautiful, large and active species! L-XL
Taenichthys albonubes White Cloud Mountain Minnow, M


Acarichthys heckelii Treadfin Acara, 10-12 cm * SUPERNICE!
Aequidens pulcher Blue Acara, XL. Wild-caught, different than CB!
Amphilophus alfari Pastel Cichlid, 4-5 cm
Cichlasoma (Aequidens) portalegrense Brown Acara, 6-8 cm
Crenicichla lepidota Argentine Pike Cichlid, 8-9 cm
Geophagus altifrons M, one of the largest Geophagus-species
Geophagus brasiliensis REAL from Minas Gerais in Brasil, wildcaught. L
Geophagus megasema World`s first import? Very colorful, 6-8 cm
Geophagus sp. "Cameta" 20 cm! Fantastic fish, not sure of identification
Satanoperca acuticeps Sharphead Eartheater, 8-10 cm
Steatocranus gibbiceps Congo River Lionhead Cichlid, 5 cm
Tahuantinsuyoa macantzatza 8-10 cm, looks like an elongated Blue Acara
Teleocichla sp. Amazonas Goby Cichlids, M-L
Thorichthys ellioti 5-6 cm

Labyrinths & Snakeheads

Colisa labiosa Thick-lipped Gourami, L-XL (pairs)
Helostoma temminckii Kissing Gourami, Green (wild-form), ML
Malpulutta kretseri Violet Spotted Paradise Fish, M
Osphronemus laticlavius Red-finned Giant Gourami, 7-8 cm

Channa aurantimaculata Golden Cobra Snakehead, 7-8 cm
Channa bankanensis Indonesian Forest Snakehead, 5 cm
Channa bleheri Rainbow Snakehead, XL
Channa harcourtbutleri Burmese Snakehead, 10 cm
Channa sp. "Galaxy Blue" One of the most stunning Snakeheads, L-XL

Miscellanous fish

Botia almorhae Almorha Loach, M
Botia kubotai Polkadot Loach, 5 cm
Botia modesta Red-tailed Botia, L-XL
Carinotetraodon salivator Zebra Red-eye Pufferfish *Sensational!
Osteoglossum cf. ferrerai Blue Arowana, 20-25 cm
Potamotrygon motoro var. Motoro Stingray, Multispotted variety, L
Potamotrygon sp. Mixed Stingrays, M *Very nice
Tetraodon abei Red-eyed Leopard Pufferfish, L (8 cm)
Tetraodon suvattii Pignose Pufferfish, L-XL
Yasuhikotakia (Botia) sidthimunki Dwarf / Chain Loach, M

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I use Trimar.co.uk. They are based in Cornwall and sell pretty much what ever you want. If they dont have it, they will get it.

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Thanks for the info so far guys, especially hughie, I've been looking for an online supplier in the UK that will deliver fish, how have you found their services in the past, since the website looks very amateur, but you shouldn't always judge a book by it's cover hey
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