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What type

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Hi again,as I am new to the forum, i am also new to the whole piranha buying thing.
I think with a little gentle persuasion, my parents will be willing for me to get a piranha. However, I'll have to do alot of research into the idea first. Which is where you guys come in...
I know I would definitely make a good owner,i already have alot of animals. But I dont know where to start when it comes to getting a fish of this type.
I've had a look arond at lots of pictures on here and at the different types. You all have some very beautiful and interesting looking fish. I dont want a big piranha (I know they can get to 60cm)
What is the smallest piranha you can get? and what is the smallest size tank you can keep them in? do they need feeding red meat everyday? or does each type of piranha get fed differently?
I'd be grateful for your answers and suggestions. Thanx so much :biggrin:
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Ohh yeah,and do they cost an awful lot to keep?
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Thanx for your help Innes,i will consider all you've said,you have been most heplful. Thanx agen
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Hi Rhomsilla,yep I am aware that it must be totally different,for a start i would never dream of sticking my hand in the tank,lol.
I intend to do alot of research b4 even thinking of getting anything prepared. We've also had tropical fish in a 10 gallon tank here b4, and watching my mum clean them out as giving me an eye opener to the work involved in keeping them fit and healthy. I only hope that if i do get one they will be as pretty as everyones on here
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