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i have a 25g that will have a rhombeus in it. i was just wondering what type of heater and filter i need for a 25 gallon. i dont want anything hella expensive, i just want the normal crap. penguin 125 or 175? how many watts for the heater?

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Gallons/Liters 5ºC/9ºF 10ºC/18ºF 15ºC/27ºF
5 gal/25 L 25 watt 50 watt 75 watt
10 gal/50 L 50 watt 75watt 75 watt
20 gal/75 L 50 watt 75watt 150 watt
25 gal/100 L 75 watt 100watt 200 watt
40 gal/150 L 100 watt 150 watt 300 watt
50 gal/200 L 150 watt 200 watt two 200 watt
65 gal/250 L 200 watt 250 watt two 250 watt
75 gal/300 L 250 watt 300 watt two 300 watt

Subtract the average temperature of the room the aquarium is located in from the temperature you wish to maintain the aquarium water at. Find the size of your aquarium in the left hand column and move to the column that shows the number of degrees the aquarium needs to be heated. If the heating requirement is between levels, move up to the next larger size.

In larger tanks, or where the room temperature is significantly below the desired water temperature, two heaters may be required. Heaters should be installed at opposite ends of the aquarium to heat it more evenly.

Average Room Temp = 68 degrees F
Desired Water Temp = 77 degrees F
Heating required = 9 degrees F

Tank Size = 20 gallon
Heater size needed = 50 watts
Got this from this site Freshaquariumabout.com

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Good info Raptor!!
I'd go with the 100 watt heater, submersible, not hung. For the filter, and AC 300 would do.. plus dont forget about bubbles!! YOu'll need oxygen in the tank. Also, you didnt state what size Rhom your getting. But when you do finish your set up, be sure to post a pix!!! Good Luck!!
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