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I was at the fish store today and I saw three different kind of piranha. I was interested in this "black rhom" that is so cool to own. I saw two p's in seperate tanks that were labeled "black piranha". Each was about 4 inches long and was listed at 135.00 dollars each. Is this the right price for these. It had a long jaw with what looked like a humpback and flame colored eyes. Also they had p's that were labeled "gold Piranha" all in the same tank about 1.5 inches for 26.99 dollars. Is this good price. Then they had the common rbp for 6 bucks. Are these prices about right or what? Thanx guys!
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Those Rhom Prices are horrible. I live in Canada and in Windsor they had a 6" Black for $50 Canadian.I think Winkyee bought it.
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