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What kind......

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I just got a 40 gallon, its 48x12x16....i wanted to get some kind or reptile....however i cannot get a snake r a turtle so basicly ill end up with a lizard.......any suggestions of good lizards that can like in the tank for life?

EDIT: O and if the dimensions suck (which i have a feeling they do) give me some tips on a good tank dimension as well as with the lizard.....ill just use to 40 for my irritan and get another tank
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well if u want u can make an amazing pioson dart frog enclosure out of a 40g tank

or many gecko species,armidillo lizards,egama's
ya i dont really want a frog..........well at least not in the 40
if you want it to love out its life in there you are going to have to get something relativly small, if you are willing to upgrade, then its a different story
I think a Blue Tongues Skink would be cool ina 40 gal
WorldBelow07 said:
bearded dragon
A 12" habitat is not wide enough for a Bearded Dragon. 18" minimum.
Roger said:
I think a Blue Tongues Skink would be cool ina 40 gal
yes a skink would fit nicely
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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