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What kind of reptile?

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I had the idea of setting up a turtle enclosure, and what i planned on doing, is building a small "closet" off the side of my room, about 4'x4' by 5 feet high.

Now since turtles only use the lower half of the enclosure, I want to try and put something else that only lives off the ground. I have thought about some green anoles, but in the pet stores have seen themon the bottom.

Any suggestions?
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jimbo i am having a hard time picturing what u are talking about but if the ciculation is good and it gets lots of fresh air and the temps are right of course u might be able to do a chameleon they hardly ever leave there trees

any pictures ??
Depending on what type of turtle and how big it is... Basically anything you put in with it, if not a predator, could fall prey to it. Just the way turtles are.
hmmm maybe a couple tree frogs but idunno
Thanks for the reply's

00nothing, picture a walk in closet, only smaller, the pond will be in the middle, with basking logs and some other decorations around the outside, and above, I'd like to have some small trees and vines for the reptile to climb on.
well with teh pond being there u would have the humidity u would need and it sounds liek u have the height required u could try a larger chameleon species such as a veiled asuuming u have some air flow and the right heat and the uv lighting required could beneifit the turtles as well
sounds like a good idea. jimbo
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