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what kind of filtration for a 180 gallon?

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I wanted to know what kind of filtration should i do with a 180 gallon tank? i am thinking something like this:

1) one 404 and one emperor 400

2) two-three emperor 400s

I dont know much about the 404's etc. do i have to drill a hole in the tank for the lines or what? Usually i only deal with power filters and not power heads and undergravel filters, so what should i do and how should i do it? Thanks in advance...
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ezlife, one fluval 404 is definetly not going to be enough. I have 2 canister filters on my 75 gal and that barely does the job. I had to buy a powerhead with a quick filter to keep up with the mechanical filtration alone. I'm thinkng about getting a bigger tank around 140 gal and I'm definetly going with a Wet/Dry Bio-ball filtration system. They are pricey, but on what you would spend on 2-3 canister filters you could get one wet/dry. And from what I understand they require much less maintenance.
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