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I have made my piranhas suffer for too long. They have gone without water changes or any treatments for 6 months. Suddenly I ran across a deal for 4 Caribe that whipped me into shape.
Actually while were at it, if I pick up some sort of tester to check Ammonia and all that other good junk what are ALL the levels to shoot for? Anyone?
Well the good levels of nitrogen (N) compounds are:
NH4 = 0 ppm
NO2 = 0 ppm
NO3 = 10-30 ppm
If the levels are within the above mentioned range, your nitrification bacteria are OK (tank well cycled) and you have done decent amount of water changes. However, should the nitrate (NO3) level be higher than 30 ppm, you should do more water changes.

A good pH level for caribes is within the range 6.2 - 7.5. it is important, however, to have a stabile non fluctuating pH. Please do not use any pH regulators unless you are sure what you are doing and that you know the possible consequences.

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