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I have made my piranhas suffer for too long. They have gone without water changes or any treatments for 6 months. Suddenly I ran across a deal for 4 Caribe that whipped me into shape.

I have done many water changes over the last week removing all kinds of waste off of the bottom of my tank (the five gallon buckets look like grape cool-aid when filled) Finally when I look from underneath my tank I see clean rocks and gravel, also I have switched out all the filters on my penguin filters, I have added salt...in proper 1 tablespoon per 5 gallon's, and I have added the recommended treatment for Ammonia. My water is crystal clear and the piranhas ¿seem? to be doing better? I went to the store to buy a "water checker" (very layman's) and I stumbled across this little PH gauge that hangs on your tank and depending on its shade will reveal what the waters current PH is.

Well I didn't have time to wait the 1-2 hours for it to "fill" as I had to go to school, but when I get home I will be anxious to see what it is. Problem is, I don't know what to hope for. And even worse, what more do I do if it's NOT RIGHT?!?!?

Actually while were at it, if I pick up some sort of tester to check Ammonia and all that other good junk what are ALL the levels to shoot for? Anyone?

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