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What fish do you own? - Dead ones dont count!

I have:
*2x severums
*1x salvini
*3x angelfish
*4x tigerbarbs
*2x blue comet plattys
*4x hoplo catfish
*1x tyre-track eel
*1x pleco
*1x spotted talking catfish/ralphiel catfish
*4x corys (2 bronze, 1 pepper and 1 Corydoras bilineatus?)
*1x black widow tetra
*2x odessa barbs
*1x goldfish
*12x neon tetras
*2x RBPs
*3x zebra danios

*2x Chenise fire belly newts
*1x african clawed frog
*1x small, albino african dwarf frog
*1x Japanise fire belly newt
*1x axolotl
*1x spotted salamander - the only one of all of these which does not live with fish in water anymore as it has metamorphosised.

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4 Cariba, 3 Oscar and a lot of livebearers (at least a hundred Guppys, Plattys, Mollies & Swordtails) that will die soon!

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This is what I have, all happily together in a 80 gallon tank:

6 Redbelly Piranha's
1 Clown Pleco
1 Common Pleco
1 Sailfin Pleco
1 Dwarf Sucker (Oto)
4 Spotted Talking Catfish
1 Striped Talking Catfish
5 Bronze Cories
3 Schwartz's Cories
2 False Bandit Cories
2 Leopard Cories
5 Rummy-Nosed Tetra's
5 Neon Tetra's
1 Emperor Tetra
3 Serpae Tetra's
2 Marble Hatchetfish
2 Fivebanded Barbs

Oh, and 4, *looks to tank* eeeh make that 2,5 goldfish


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1-11 inch P. Motoro
1-7 inch P. Leopoldi
2-3-5 inch P. Reticulated

1-9 inch Cichla Moncluses(Pbass)

1-4 inch Fahaka Puffer

1-8inch S. Elongatus

1-4inch Asian Red Tail cat

A couple common Plecos from 6-8inch

I am hoping to update this by tomorrow with a 10inch Black Arrowanna

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I have:

4 angelfish 4-5"
1 sailfin pleco 7.5"
2 neon tetras 1"
but I used to have so many types of fish, you could never count them all! (livebearers, bettas (which I love!), goldfish, puffer, tetras...) I'm searching for the right fish for me still!

*building a 75-100 gal. for piranha!

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let em see here lets get started:

Green Terror
port/blue Acara
Earth Eater
Stripped convict
2 Pink Convict
2 Red Zebra
2 White Snow Morph
2 Kribs
Belly Crawler pike
Jack Dempsey
Green Severum
Blood Parrot

Albino Cory
Black Widow
Red Belly Piranha - one eye
Chinese algae eater
Common Pleco

... I think that covers it for what I have right now at this predent time :smile:

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this is what i have right now

1) 6 rbp's
2) one common pleco
3) one chinese algea eater
4) two tiger oscars
5) one rhino pleco
6) three metriaclima sp zebra gold
7) one baby sailfin

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I have,
1 Texas Cichlid
1 Tiger Oscar
1 Regular Oscar
and I help with Kevin's P's don't have any of my own yet.

Oh and I have a huge snail but yeah he isn't a fish so he doesn't count. "Dammit" but I might get another Cichlid

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5 rbp
2 severum
2 mainganos
1 common pleco
1 blue lobster

6 zebra danios
6 serpae tetra
3 clown loaches
1 beta
2 ______ gouramis (very cool looking, just not sure what type)
rubber pleco
upside down catfish
albino african clawed frog

2 false percula clowns
1 neon goby
1 six line wrasse
1 snowflake eel
1 queen conch
1 coral banded shrimp
2 skunk shrimp
brittle star
butt loads of other crabs and snails
bubble tip anenome

1 tobacco basslet
1stripped puffer
dozen hermit crabs

butt load of goldfish

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Hmm.. tough one. I've had:
Bala Shark
Red Tail Shark
Rainbow Shark
Irrodecent Shark
Black Arrowana
Silver Arrowana
Asian Arrowana
Jack Dempsey
Green Terror
5 Star General
Red Devil
Red Ear Turtle
Softshell Turtle
Ghost Shrimp
Red/Blue Lobster
Red Tail Catfish
Red Tail Barracuda
Sabertooth Barracuda
Red Bellys
and Rhoms

All those fish and never kept any of them for more than a yr.
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