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""Baby Alligators Very Tame !!!

These are true American Alligators starting at sizes of 8" to 12".They have been handled often to keep a tame nature. I have sold over 200 of them in less than two years. So if you have any questions I should be able to answer them for you. I will help you with all the setup questions and helpful tips to keep them tame and small.These are very easy to take care of and are by far the easiest reptile to take care of that I have owned. Cost for food and care are very low. Your welcome to call or e-mail me at home to ask questions or for any information you may want. My phone number is 586 677-XXXX and my e-mail address is [email protected] .I take payments of pay-pal or money orders. You are responsable for shipping cost. They are sent next day air to your door for the health of the gator. Thanks and God Bless, Andre""

Tips to keep them tame and small... does he know something i don't.
the fact that they get 10 feet long as been a pretty big reason as to why i havent gotten one. well, that on the fact that i dont want to be eaten.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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