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your looking at a twelve inch fish which iv had for quite a while.its confident and mean could anybody give me a accurate identification please.
photo does not really do it justice but i hope its good enough .thanks guys

p.s its lower teeth show quite promently

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That picture is very hard to view and will not generate an accurate ID.

From all I can see it has red eyes, and the body appears to be an S Rhombeus. All I can say is try to get a better flank shot.

Frank ( hastasus ) is on vacation and he is the expert to help you best. It does usually require a better flank shot as b ack51 says. Looking at that photo I would guess at Serrasalmus maculatus or Serrasalmus Rhombeus. I think he is a little big for a mac but the tail looks to have a solid band at the back. But the picture is a little grainy.

I too am trying to get photos clear of mine and failing. I hoping Frank can give me his best guess when he returns, his best guess is good enough for me!
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