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First off, welcome!

Some may be wondering what exactly this board will be used for. Here are the basics:
  • The password protected forum will only be accessible by Leaders and Reps of this board only.
  • All official projects (contests etc) within McC will be pinned.
  • All promotions and demotions will be posted with details in the header.
  • Any McC member is permitted to make a thread in this forum if the content is relevant to the team.
  • Spam is not permitted in this forum.
  • Respect will be shown to ALL members within the project.
  • P-Fury rules still apply in this forum. Do not push them. Being a member of this team does not afford you any protection .
  • All posts regarding McC members (kudos for helping members, ideas, contests etc) should and WILL be containted to this forum.

The Hippy.
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