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I have read numerous posts on this topic but need a more dummied-down explanation.
As with my saltwater aquarium (I no longer have it) my water turned very cloudy. It did not take long for my fish to slow down and die. I had all the proper equipment including a ro/di water filtration system. I didn't overfeed nor was there food left in the tank for very long. Is it possible that the water changed because I am NOT using a water softener? I read that the fish need the mineral in the water which softeners take out. If I start a freshwater tank for Piranhas I am concerned that I will encounter another big bloom and kill my fish. Would someone please help me with a step by step process that I can follow. I am using city water. I know you gain knowledge thru experience, practice, but I want to be able to enjoy my fish rather than live in total uncertainty. Also I was not using any substrate in my tank. I felt less in the tank is better for the quality of the water. Sorry for this scatterbrained post, but I would really appreciate a good step-by-step guide. Including use of any chemicals, substrate, hard or soft water, water changes, ro/di or not?Or is cloudiness inevitable? I remember I had freshwater fish that developed white dots all over. What could I be doing wrong. Am I missing something important? My 120 gal tank and equipment is just sitting there looking pityful. Help a guy whi is afraid to dive back in. This post is for a piranha
freshwater tank only. Read my equipment in the first post. Thanks, Riverbait
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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