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Depending on the bioload, changing 25-50% of the water is recommended - you'll have to do at least one water change per week.
The more pristine the water, the healthier they are, the more comfortable they are, the brighter colors they have and faster they will grow.

Fin rot and cloudy eyes could point towards bad water quality, in particular high ammonia levels. High ammonia can be caused by an uncycled tank, rotting food left-overs, or a filtration system that is inadequate.
Did you get the all the fish at the same time? If you received your Supers and Piraya later, that may be the cause of death. Where the Cariba have already adapted to the water (which is not necessarily a good sign - even fish that seem to do well can get damaged under bad conditions), it may have prooved too much for the other fish.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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