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visit to the pet store

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Well, I went to a pet store in hamilton today. Saw a bunch of different pirahas. They had 6 or 7 red belly piranhas in a tank, ranging in size from about 2" to about 5", but they wanted $50 a piece. The thing that really pissed me off though was seeing about 50 gold piranhas in an 80 gallon tank, every single one had missing fins and bad body bites, but they wanted $65 a piece for these things, and they were about 4" long.

On a better note though, they have a 1500 gallon tank in there that was interesting, they had a 2' nurse shark, a 5' green moray eel, and a 5' sand shark, what a sight that was, to walk in the aquarium section and see this big ass tank with sharks in it. The tank was the size of my bedroom.
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Good to hear you should try to snap some pics of the tank at the lfs ur talking about so we can see as well.
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