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Venomous Reptiles.......no way away from them. There are so many pictures of some of the worlds most beautiful snakes, so exposure to rattlesnakes, cantils, rhinocerous vipers, and cobras is inevitable. The draw to keep something so beautiful is obvious, but there is a draw among many to keep them because of their danger.
The question I get asked by many people is where do I start?
My standard answer is DON"T. The reason for that statement is the complications and responsibility involved with keeping potentially life taking animals. Snakes by themselves may be the single most gifted escape artists ever devised! now make that snake a venomous one.....scary isn't it.....many people go out, catch a rattlesnake, copperhead, etc....and put it in an aquarium and think what's the big deal...I am keeping it just fine.....until it escapes, or bites someone through the screen lid, or dies from inadequate care.
What is involved in serious hot keeping?
A facility!
Aphis permits.
Insurance (as well as checking with your homeowners insurance..as it may be void with possesion of venomous snakes in the home or on the property).
Possible state, county and municipal permits.
Enclosures that lock, and prohibit escape.
Equipment for handling, and understanding of how to use it properly.
Emergency lighting and flshlights liberally sprinkled around the facility.
Thorough understanding of husbandry and disease and parasite issues, as many venomous taxa will only be obtained as wild caught animals, and therfore have unique problems that a new or inexperienced keepr has little hope for of succesful resolution.
Complete understanding of venomous snakebite and its physiological consequences.
Physician packets for the emergency room in case of bites, including numbers to physicians with expertise in snake envenomation, instructions for antivenine use and specific protocol for each and every species you keep.
Protocol established with your local hospital so that they are aware of the possible need for them if a bite ever happens.
These are BASICS people and is where we start.....it can and does get more complicated depending on the size of the collection and the species being kept.

I was thinking of getting a rattler or copperhead....no mas, huh?
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