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Unidentified Serrasalmus sp

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I spent the better part of the evening thinking about this fish presented to us in both the piranha photos forum and Piranha Discussion. I had my doubts in the beginning about what this fish was. As I explained in my first thread, this fish might not even be S. rhombeus, possibly S. marginatus (later revised after enhancing the image), to S. brandtii because of the placement of the anal in line with the dorsal, then considered it might be simply camera angle. Finally looking at several more photos provided which caused me to send you all to the link on unknown piranas. This fish may very well be a Xingu S. rhombeus since these variotypes seem to fit the color pattern, yet, I'm not sure. So for the sake of argument and also private PM's from the owner of the fish, I'm going to hold off completely agreeing that this fish is a S. rhombeus until better photos are made available (ie; fins grown back etc.). I will pin this topic up for now.
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Man JesseD, that's one hell of a job you did beefing up that guy

Looks like a completely different fish now
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