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shoe997bed263 said:
i have a 125 and i had 3 caribes in there i just lost one. i was thinking of getting 4 more but the more i think of it i might just get 1 and keep three in there and see if it translates into larger fish
thats what i m kinda doin now, i have four in a hundred and im focusing on keepin the water

conditions best i can with a nice powerhead and good feedins. im pretty happy with their

growth rate, i say go for it man, monster pygos is better then an overstocked tank in

my opinion

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yeah but like people have said in my rip thread fish r so hard to take when they die. one second they r fine and the next they r upside down dead. it would be easier to take if they would get hit by a car or something

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Well I have always Understocked my tanks , and My fish grow like weeds ..But this is only in my tank and I cant speak for others ...
For about 2 years I had 5 Pygos , ranging from 9 inch to 13 inch ...in a 135 gallon
they have since been moved to their new 210 gallon , Now im really understocking it :laugh:
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