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Tried to add a new powerhead last night

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I tried adding an AC 5000 power head to my 125 pygo tank, I had to remove it because they all started fighting worse than I have ever seen. I am going to try again this weekend when I have more time to monitor them, and rearrange the tank a little to take out any territories. I was just totally caught off guard, it was mainly my larger yellow natt that got his territory invaded by the others and then he started cleaning house. They were ok for about 5 minutes and all of the sudden it was just a mad house until I decided I needed to shut it off. As soon as I took it out things calmed down again. I am thinking about running some PVC pipe under the gravel to create a river effect tank, that should work off some of the aggression of the bastards.
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I thought you were only using the current from your wet/dry and no powerheads at all or am I thinking of someone else? I'm thinking of taking out my powerheads completely...I honestly don't think it assists their activiting at all...in my 80 gallon I have 2 penguin 1140's pushing 300gph each and they ignore them.
I'm gonna conduct my own little experiment and observe their behavior...I'm gonna take them out right now. I have a wet/dry in mine plus a fluval 404, the wet/dry is running around 4-500gph and the 404 is 340gph. I'll post my results in a couple weeks to a month in equipment forum.
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