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he guys, i have 4 serasulmus natteri (red bellies), that grew up in the same tank together since they were the size of a dime. they all grew at different rates, so the dominant one is always taking chuncks outta the others no matter how much i feed them. any suggestions to reduce these incidents? they are ranging from 4" to 2-1/2" now, and are in a 55 gallon tank.

thanks in advance....
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A couple of things have happened. Your P wants to be dominant. Your tank is setup so he/she can setup a territory. So in order to fix that you need to rearrange your tank by taking some of your decors out or add more P's. When you rearrange the tank make he/she cannot make an association with an object it mark its territory. . Reds do really well when they are feeling a little tight. They seem not willing to fight each other in a crowed tank. Also by adding another red of equal size the dominant piranha will eventually give up its territory because there are too many challengers.

No you don't, you still like the elongatus.

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grosse gurke said:
SMTT you bastard, How can you be a mod on a piranha board and hate one of the most kick-ass piranhas? ???
:laughlong: I love pissing you off about this damn fish. And how come I'm an admin, wouldn't you like to know. By the way I don't hate the fish just don't think its very piranha-looking but then again you already knew that. Its a minnow with teeth, it must be a hybrid :rasp:

I thought I told az tha kid not tell anyone how its done!
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