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he guys, i have 4 serasulmus natteri (red bellies), that grew up in the same tank together since they were the size of a dime. they all grew at different rates, so the dominant one is always taking chuncks outta the others no matter how much i feed them. any suggestions to reduce these incidents? they are ranging from 4" to 2-1/2" now, and are in a 55 gallon tank.

thanks in advance....
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What I would do is get another 4" red, take the 4 current ones out, rearrange the tank, and then toss them all back in. This would create an overstocked tank that some may not agree with. the other option would be to take the 4" bully back to the pet store and either stick with 3 or get a different one around the size of the others.
Does this mean I get to be an mod?

That is my best Marco impersonation
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sor ymy b ad!!!!

SMTT you bastard, How can you be a mod on a piranha board and hate one of the most kick-ass piranhas? ???
Did you see the black masked ones fishpost had? I thought they were amazing looking. Granted I havent had one but I do like the look
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I never get pissed, it is all in good fun :rasp:
I know why your an admin
and i could tell everybody but I dont want to get my "knees" dirty.... :O .....if ya know what I mean :D
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Come on xenon, you could have given me someone beter than Marco
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