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my roomate is all into purified water he is getting a purifier to go on our kitchen water. there is this big filter on it and i was thinking of running a line from the filter to my tanks. do u guys think that would work. i just need a way to take water out of the tank. what do u guys think would that work.

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Good question...
Don't know about that yet but I can ask some of the suppliers of this product.
One would think that if it removes chlorine to make drinking water better, it wouldn't leave anything toxic behind for human consumtion. (fish another story)

In no way do I profess to be an expert on this but I'm only trying to figure out ways to make an economically priced drip system.

If I learn anything from the suppliers of these filters I will let everyone know.

Thanks for bringing this up.

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I just finished hooking up my drip system on my 125 yesterday.
I did my usual 30% water change and then I began to hook up the system.

My system is very very basic but so far it works.

I hooked up an icemaker kit to a cold water line in my basement. THis has a saddle the hooks over the copper line and you can adjust the flow with a valve.
Then it runs in a 1/4 inch plastic line and feeds into my tank....

He is the basic part! I should have an overflow but I dont so I just attached another 1/4 inch line at the end opposite from the feed an begin to syphon out the water with it.
I put a ball valve on the syphon line and adjusted the syphon to the same as the feed.

So far It is holding a steady water level.
I will have to slow or speed it up accordly to get it pefect.

Its simple but I have no chlorine in my water so it simplfies it.

MY Ph is steady7.4.. My ammonia 0 and my Nitrates between 0-10. Temp 82 steady..

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