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These are pics of my 77 gallon

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Hope you like, some pics were from a while ago. I changed the tank around a bit and took out alot of the plants!
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oops , i put 2 of the same pics in , sorry all
ok , last one, this time i mean it lol
I feed them alot of beefheart, shrimp, flake foods , gold fish, other fish , mice and stuff i have around the house.
the other fish are: Convicts, pleco, black tetra, red eye tetras , plus baby convicts
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Thx all , yup the convicts are still alive and kicking or should I say swimming:)
yes , and the plants are real!
Thx all
, I will have a video and some more pics soon:)
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1 - 14 of 29 Posts
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