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Before this becomes a bashing thread im getting photos to confim wether they are in fact ternetzi. P. natteri have been found to have color variations. I have a breeding pair of natts with the yellow color variation. Lets just wait.

Rich1 said:
100 Gal. 3- Terns 6-7", 1- 8"RBP, 1- 5" Piraya, already removed the baby out, main tank is in a dark garage, I haven't paid much attention to them lately, just to drop some food in, until I did a water change, that's when I found the 1" fry, big suprise to me. The Terns are about 1 year old, they were given to me as baby's abought 1", from a guy that had a breeding pair. I have had P's on & and off for 25 years, first time breeding.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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