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fine then....
Ill tell teh truth

I have been drinking shots (my own private collection)...
CR, JD, and some other sh*t I found in da liquor cabinet

oya, and cant forget bout da bud

Look into my eyes!
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The arsenal goes as fallows.
UV blue and lemonade
Jag bombs
Jaqweisers (invention, run out of red bull, substitute bud for red bull)
Bicardi Vanalla twist with orange soda
Baja Loona tequilla.

But, I am not drinking any of it
just my friends.

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Mike's Hard lemon crap....horrible stuff
Some tequilla and I tink I ate the worm...dunno
ummm.... segrams 7?
Rum and Coke...
I think this is a bottle o gray goose....yep it is....
Thats it.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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