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Well I was Covid crazy and bored to death so thought I’d check in at the old stomping ground, lol.

Pretty deserted here. 🦗

I guess a lot changes over the years, heck I practically lived on here in 2006-2007.

I am sadly tankless at this time. Had several health issues and they were just to much to manage. Honestly after losing my Geryi to a failed seal, that was it for me. Sold off the remaining tanks and fish and didn’t look back. Funny how you can become so attached to a single fish.

Still have the boxers though. They keep me busy!

Not sure who is going to see this but thought I’d say hey. I’m actually surprised the forum is still running. Who’s managing it anyways? And where did PKeepers go? Never joined it but can’t seem to find it now.

Looks like the hobby is dying which is a shame. I really enjoyed my fish and this forum and most of its members. Some great times were had :)

Keep well and safe everyone!
Maybe it’s time to set up a new tank :)
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