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Tanks looking a little empty

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I've got a 90g tall (48long, 12deep, 18 high) with 2 jewels (4+ inches each male and female), 1 jack dempsy (7-8 inch, female), 1 common pleco (12-14 inch) and 2 catfish (4 inch). Since the design of the tank right now has turned into a slew of scattered rocks, i was thinking of redoing the tank and adding some more fish. The jewels and jack dempsey are staying, and the pleco and catfish are on their way out.
I was thinking of adding an oscar, a smaller pleco that wouldnt exceed 8 inches, and some other cichlids. Or will the jewels and jack be sufficient? Any suggestions?
thanks to anyone who responds
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Umbilical Syllables said:
screwed up on the dimensions... 48 long, 18 deep, 24 high
thats right
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piranha45 said:
so you have a 75g.

Don't add anything big like an oscar in there. You could try 5-8 african mbuna, but they will make life very miserable for your jewel cichlids, and you'll likely notice your jewels sitting scared up in a top corner of the tank pretty soon. You could try a convict instead...

really, you don't have much room to work with a JD and 2 jewels in there.
thats a 90g
use the calculator
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