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Tank Size

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I have 6 rbp in a 36×18 inch tank is this size ok for their well growth.?
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No... you will need a larger tank. Something like a 125 gallon (72" long)
Ægir is correct, but you could do 3 in that tank if you want...but keep up with water changes and have a great filter
good luck !

Last week i had to throw away half eaten red belly cause my 90 gall wasnt set up.. Now i have 4 in their new 90 gall tank ... upgrade ASAP!! ive kept WC , Feedings and lower temp to keep aggression away but small size tank took its toll.. Pisses me off since that P was biggest and nicest of them all !

so word of advice ,,, upgrade asap to biggest tank you can!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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