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Effective March 24th, 2007, the rules for the Tank of the Quarter (TOTQ)/Tank of the Year (TOTY) competitions are as follows.

- All submissions must be sent to me between the time periods that I set for submissions. Entries sent outside of that window will not be featured in that quarter's competition, and must be resent for the following quarter's competition if you wish for it to be entered.

- Submissions MUST be sent to me via PM. This means you must host your picture in your gallery or in your own web hosting space in order for it to be submitted. The subject line must specifically state "Tank of the Quarter" to be included. Otherwise your submission may get misplaced.

-All pictures will be resized to a uniform size when they are presented in the contest to keep the competition on a level playing field. Please submit pictures at 800x600pixels.
*You can resize a picture by opening it in Paint, then going to Image and then going to Attributes and type in the new dimensions.*
*If you do not size it properly, I will resize it and am not responsible for possible pixilation or distortion due to the resizing.

- Pictures MUST BE of YOUR tank. You may not enter pictures of anyone else's tank.

- Along with your picture, you may submit a small description of your tank... this may include but is not limited to, the type of lighting, type of filtration, occupants of the tank (fish, shrimp, piranhas, etc), types of plants, substrate, filtration, types of fertilizers used, etc. You can check this link for some examples of what othes have done in other contests: http://www.ratemyfishtank.com/topten.php/s_9

-The pictures must belong to you, most people on our forum are also on several other forums and WILL find your picture if you have plagiarized it from someone. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.

- Winners of TOTQ and TOTY cannot resubmit the same picture in the future.

- Winners of a TOTQ cannot enter again until the TOTY contest has taken place. IE - if you win in 2007, you may not enter again until 2008... so if you win the March of 2007 contest, you cannot enter again until March of 2008, if you win the December of 2007 contest, you cannot enter again until March of 2008... you must wait until after the TOTY contest has taken place to enter again.

- You may not in any way indicate that a picture is yours, including but not limited to putting your name in the picture, indicating it is yours during the voting periods, or featuring it in you avatar. A violation of this will disqualify you from that month's contest.

- No making references to any members name in the contest thread. Even if everyone likely knows who did which picture, you still can not say "I voted for [member's name] picture". Please honor this rule guys.

- No asking people to vote for your picture, either in private message or in other forums. Doing so will be cause for elimination.

-Pictures are allowed to be tampered with using photo editing software. You are only allowed to use the photo editing software as long as the original content of the photo is unchanged, you MAY use a 3rd party application to make corrections to your photo. This includes color correction, sharpening, blemish removal and other ADJUSTMENTS. You may not, however, composite photos or otherwise alter an image that it does not contain all the elements of the original.

-Each quarter, no more than 40 entries will be allowed. If more then 40 entries are received, MAB will look at ALL of the entries and pick out the top 40 entries for the members to vote on. Now I am sure you are wondering why 40… well 40 pictures will make for 5 rounds with 8 pictures in each round for the first round of voting and 5 finalist pictures for the Final Round which I think is a good number to have based on previous contests.. If there are fewer entries, obviously each round will be pro-rated as to the number of pictures in it and no entries will need to be eliminated by the MAB.

-Entries may be submitted once it is announced that they will be taken. The contest for TOTY will be run each March, June, September and December and TOTY will then take place in January.
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