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FeederFish33 said:
yes. that is my layout. Also, is there a way that I can adjust the current flow? I want it to be powerful, but not too powerful.
put ball valves on close to the pump, you close them slightly to reuce flow rate, or if you want the same flow rate but less pressure you use a bigger return nozzle, the kind that come with over flow kits use 3/4" tubing with a 1/2" opening on the return nozzle however, if you just use a 3/4" PVC elbow instead the flow rate will be the same but the current is no where nearly as strong

I as for the overflow, the one for you two returns should be as small as possible, but still giving you enough room to clean it out, for the drains it depends but I would imagine something that is 3" wide and 6" long would be good enough as long as the water can get through the grating fast enough at the top

check out this link Overflows

that is what square ones look like

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Waste of boardspace. Should have used PM.

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