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Red Bellies(Pygocentrus nattereri)
.75"-1" $8.oo ea. Or 10/$70.oo
3"-4" $30.oo ea. Or 4/$100.oo
4"-5" $40.oo ea. Or 4/$130.oo

Caribe(Pygocentrus notatus)
3.5"-4.5" $45.oo ea.
5"-6" $150.oo ea.

Piraya(Pygocentrus piraya)
3"-4" $150.oo ea.
4"-5" $200.oo ea.

Xingu(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
5"-5.5" $400.oo ea.
5.5"-6" $450.oo ea.
6"-7" $500.oo ea.

Xingu Diamond(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
5"-5.5" $400.oo ea.
6"-7" $500.oo ea.

Xingu Blue Diamond(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
5.5"-6" $550.oo ea.

Gold Diamond(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
~4" $125.oo ea.

Blue Diamond(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
~4" $150.oo ea.

Jet Black Piranha(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
14"-15" $1,000.oo ea.

Irritans(Serrasalmus irritans):
4"-5" $250.oo ea.

Violet Line(Serrasalmus geryi)
5"-6" $225.oo ea.

Red Spilo(Serrasalmus sanchezi)
~3" $35.oo ea.

Purple Spilo(Serrasalmus sanchezi)
~3" $40.oo ea.

Compressus(Serrasalmus compressus)
2"-3" $35.oo ea.
3"-4" $50.oo ea.

Altuvei(Serrasalmus Altuvei)
2"-3" $35.oo ea.
3"-4" $50.oo ea.

Elongatus(Serrasalmus elongatus)
3"-4" $85.oo ea.

Black Mask Elongatus(Serrasalmus elongatus)
3"-4" $100.oo ea.
6"-8" $150.oo ea.

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