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spilopleura tank

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hi all, in few weeks, i get one spilo for my 50 gallon tank. He is planted and have woods. the sand is white, but i think its better to get a black sand,
the spilo will be agree alone or not ?
speak me about yours spilos, tanks and comportements, please

thanks you
Memen, the french piranha owner
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thanks for your answer, and compliment grosse gurke

i want to get two but it is too cheap for me, (50 euro per fish)
the spilo size is 12 cm i thinks ( i can choose the size, but not too litlle, 12 mini)
the spilo dont dig in the sand ?
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I think piranhas love a dark environnement, they think they are in security.
I ll buy black sand tommorow.
the backgrund is white for the moment, and i am happy to know my fish like live alone.
if my sand is white, the spilo will be white ?????
for the environnemment, i make one place to swim and one place to scattered ?("cacher" in french)
spilo eats plants or not ? i have vallsnerias and echinodorus.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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