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spilopleura tank

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hi all, in few weeks, i get one spilo for my 50 gallon tank. He is planted and have woods. the sand is white, but i think its better to get a black sand,
the spilo will be agree alone or not ?
speak me about yours spilos, tanks and comportements, please

thanks you
Memen, the french piranha owner
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Judazzz said:
Spilo's aren't exactly fish that are famous for their sociable behaviour. I think buying more than one for a 50 gallon is asking for trouble
Aggreed. A few people I know have small spilos tanks that size, however I believe it to only be temporary. Spilos are very aggressive in school setting and once cramped the aggression level toward each other will be dramatically incerased. 3 1-2 inch spilos will out grow a 55, IMO, in less then 5 months perhaps less. Might even lose some fish before that time.

I think that a single spilo will do good in a 55. I am very pro under packing. I think giving fish more tank space promotes faster growth as well as full growth potential(or at least BETTER growth potettial). I have a 7 inch altuvei in a 65 by himself. Its nice to be able to see a fish "stretch its legs" (swim).

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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