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Spilo CF question

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I know that George at Sharkaquarium keeps these Spilo CF with Nattereri of the same size at his store without many problems. Anybody that tries to keep gold spilos with there pygos always have problems. Is the more of a difference in the complex form than just visual differences? I also would like to know how it was classified as a complex of a Spilo for reference.
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Sea world in roseville michigan keeps one or two gold p's in with there reds and the owner said that he does this all the time and ive seen the same fish for over a few mos they are a little tattered but ok.
He says he keeps the golds out numbered by reds and they do fine.
anybody in the s.e. mich area should check it out.
About an hour and 1/2 , 12mile and gratiot
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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