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You guys requested some more full tank so I took some tonight. These pics still aren't the best quality but they should do. Keep in mind that the tank is not going to stay like this. I just needed some structure in the tank til I can get my hands on a bunch of driftwood. I'm going for a natural amazon look to this one and I will definately have some kind of backing on it. Once I get my taxes done I'm gonna start finishing off the basement if I get enough back. The tank is going to be built right into the wall and I'll have it trimed out including the eyesore on the bottom. In time it will look very nice. Enjoy the pics.

This is one looking down the lenght. The water is still a little clowdy and my camera sucks so it's not the best quality pic but it looked kinda cool so I thought I would share

Heres one of the full width. It's really hard to get a good pic because on one side your left with about 2' till you hit the wall and on the other side your underneath the stair case. A pic will never do it justice. Just look at a 75g once and then think about it being as wide as a 75g is long. The only thing that sucks is when my basement is finished you wont be able to appreciate the width of it from the viewing room.

and one last pic.

Once again I appologize for the quality of the pics. Next years Christmass present is a kick ass camera

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I like the tank, the stand, the skeleton, but I'm not feeling the blocks. It would look amazing if you added a huge piece of driftwood and lots of plants.
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