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I am Sanjo and I am also afflicted with MTS and PFWTS
j/k I don't need help. Although my Psychiatrist friend (a real doctor, but I do not have/need a shrink) has defined my interest in the hobby as "obsessive".
We are all sick, fellas. I am just glad my wife is digging it now. SHE was actually talking about setting up another piranha tank in the living room, I think she brags to all her co-workers about being surrounded by hundreds of piranha. It is an infectious disease hahaha
The fish are doing fine. I have sold a lot to local folks and fed some to my new rhom, I and still have about 80-100 left from the first batch and they are most all 2" or so. A few are starting to show orange on the gills and belly now. Cannibalism has been very low and so have injuries.
I did manage to kill a good deal of my second batch because of a dumb mistake;
I tried to switch them to decapsulated brine shrimp eggs too abruptly and a lot of them didn't eat well and died. I still have about 150 left though and they are fine. Now I have my 3rd batch of about 500 going, and this time I am sticking with live bbs for at least 2 months and making the switch more gradually like i did with the first batch. I have tons of little tanks, and now that the rhom is in the 75 I am gonna set up a couple more growouts and start taking wigglers every two weeks or so.
I. Can't. Stop. Must. Raise. More. Piranha.

Here is a vid taken today of what's left from my first batch! Same tank as the vid above, they have grown so fast in a month!
I feed them 3 times a day at least. They are so bold that some will literally swim right into the net when I need to catch them, they just think it's feedin' time.
Look close and you might see King Tubby, the biggest baddest mofo in the tank LOL He is perfect, not a mark on him! Nobody mess wit da King Tubbay mon!
81 - 84 of 84 Posts