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I just got a cute eel for my tank I think I want to name him slinky he gets a long with all my fish he likes to play with the oscars, they all kinda try to bite at eachother and he loves to scratch his belly on the gravel he is a cute booger. Any thoughts on names? I do need to still post my pics of my tank and then get some pics of my eel and riley.
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what kind of eel?
I have a tyre track eel named Gerald
you could name yours Mavis.
Sir Nathan XXI said:
I got a freshwater moray eel once, it got stuck behind the filter tube and suffocated, I caught it right as it was gasping but it never recovered, they are a brackish fish I believe, I read that somewhere, mine was really long, I was soo bummed, give it pipes to hide in they like it, 2" pvc works great
I also used to have a moray eel, mine lived in freshwater and never ate a thing the whole time I had it, it died after 3 months.
it spent that 3 months in a cave curled up in a ball, it was around 12" long.
pcrose said:
He is freshwater and brown. Why would I call him mavis? I like slinky.
"Any thoughts on names" - pcrose

can you describe its mouth and pattern on the side?
A really good link for any moray eel owner

and you should call it Mavis!
I am pretty sure it is some kind of moray eel
I am going to add that the moray eel I owned was the hardest fish to feed I have ever owned, and I did not sucseed in keeping mine for long

I never actially got mine to eat, but most of the stuff I read about them said they strike quickey like a snake, and hold on the head of the prey, and constricts itself around it and swollows in one.
sounds really cool, but I never saw it.
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I think they eat live fish
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