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Ok firstly im posting this for piranha_guy_dan, hed like to get some replys for when he gets home later tonight, ok heres the problem, he has a 5" or so mac and its got a large hole which looks alot like a bite on its stomach near its pectoral fins, the fish is alone in the tank and this injury has progressed severly over the last little while, i mentioned it was prolly a ulcer/internal infection so we went from there, last night dan called me and told him the fishs eyes were bugging out like what youd see in telescope eyed goldfish now that ones new to me. He treated the tank with the only med he had last night which i believe is for fish lice and other parasites, keep in mind this was like 3am so he couldnt just run to the lfs and get what ever is needed, hes also been using salt as a treatment but its doing no good. Now before when he had to seperate two of his p's he used egg crate, the kind with the crome finish, keep in mind at this time he was new to fish so its sort of a rookie mistake which lets face it we all made, the other fish that was in that tank died, now that stuff has been removed and has been out for a while when this developed on the remaining fish, so basically give him any info on what it is, how to kill it and anything else needed.

In all honesty last night we didnt give it much chance to live to today, but i dont know if we were right or not so please help.

The pic below is when the "hole" was still rather small.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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