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Ive tried raw tiger prawns, fresh cooked king prawns etc with no luck, just been to the fish market and picked up a 1pd bag of fresh shrimp eg in the shell but a pink colour, is this right or should the shrimp be raw?
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Shrimp should be raw, don't cook it. Starve your Ps for a week then try to feed them again. Eventually they will eat.
and leave the shells on it , its good for em
rchan11 said:
Starve your Ps for a week then try to feed them again.
Never starve your Ps, but slowly decrease their feeding routines and then adding the new variety little by little. P's are picky eatters and would take a lot of tine and training for them to consume new foods.
Not to say they won't eat cooked shrimp, but its not as good for them.

Usually your super market will have bags of raw shrimp for like 3-4$, I feed my Piranha raw shrimp a few times a week. But they have never had any interest in the shell... they like to bite at it until it comes off and flys into the powerhead so I have to clean it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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