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Should I try this...?

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I was at this badass petshop today (where I bought my first baby gold spilo) and I saw these huge oscars there that were like a foot long. I have an oscar that's living with my reds now, he's about 5 inches long. I've noticed lately his fins are getting nipped and I don't like that too much, but I like having an oscar in there with my Ps. My reds are about 3 1/2", and 2 of them are about 2" long now. You think an oscar of the magnitude of the one I saw at the petshop would be a good way to prevent him from getting picked on? I mean he's so huge, who would want to mess with him? Or do you think that the oscar would make a quick meal of my smaller Ps? Thoughts?
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how many reds?
I think the big oscar would be treated in the same way as the smaller one - nips, but from my evperience of having a severum with my red bellys, it got nipped more when the piranhas were smaller than it does now.
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